A Cappella Cantabile Classics (AC) is a co-ed “A Cappella” group based in Tokyo and Kobe,  Japan. The Director Shinobu Segawa, is a member of a professional Vocal group Baby Boo. He founded us in Tokyo in summer 2009 and in Kobe, Hyogo in 2010.

We perform orchestral classical pieces as well as Japanese traditional songs in our original arrangements of “A Cappella” style(i.e. only in human voices). We pride ourselves on creating such a new music genre, maintaining high standards of musicality, and keeping the fun and love alive!

10 reasons you should join AC

  1. New Challenge: As described, we sing orchestral classical music in human voices
    which is totally a new venture in today’s A Cappella world.
  2. Conducted by a professional: Meet the Japanese A Cappella guru – Shinobu Segawa!
  3. No Lyrics: Well, we do have lyrics… but you don’t have to understand Japanese as
    all you have to do is to imitate sounds of orchestra with words like “da da da”
    “tu tu tu lu lu -” etc for most songs. 
  4. English support: There are several English speakers in our group who are more than
    happy to assist those who have limited Japanese skills, whenever needed.
    Of course, you have tons of opportunities to learn Japanese, if you want.
  5. Concerts: You will have tons of opportunities to sing in front of audience:
    big concert halls, big shopping malls, schools, parks, and so on.
  6. Diversity: Absolutely no limitation on age, sex, job, nationality, musical experience, or whatever.
  7. Social activities: You will have opportunities to join charity/volunteer/social events as well.
    For example, we are planning to sing at a nursing home for those who cannot come to our concerts.
  8. Training camps: Yes, we do have a summer camp!
    Musics…sports…games…barbecues…and tons of activities you don’t want to miss!
  9. Friends: There is no border in the music world – it’s a perfect opportunity to make
    friends those love music.
  10. Fun!!: 100% guaranteed!

Contact us!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions and information.
You are more than welcome to come to our rehearsals in Tokyo.

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